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Welcome to Veritas et Visus

"Veritas et Visus" is Latin for "Truth and Vision". 

We provide readers with pertinent, timely, and affordable information about the fascinating and rapidly expanding flat panel display industry. 

Our goal is to help organize all the scattered news and information about specialty areas primed for fast growth in the already surging flat panel display industry. 

Veritas et Visus will bring you "truth and vision", both in the form of news and in our unique perceptions about the display industry.

The Veritas et Visus family of newsletters...

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Flexible Substrate Issue #116 October 30, 2018

The Flexible Substrate covers the fast-paced interdisciplinary topic that is alternatively referred to as "Plastic Electronics", or "Printed Electronics", or other variants, and not only covers display technologies, manufacturing, and markets, but also such areas as semiconductors,  thin-film photovoltaics, sensors, batteries, RFID, lighting, and wearable computing.

Display Standard Issue #110 November 14, 2018

An ongoing discussion in the display industry is about display-related standards and regulations. Numerous organizations are involved in the establishment of guidelines and statutes governing the use and measurement of display devices. The Display Standard covers crucial topics  related to green electronics, display metrology, display electronics and interfaces, and various standardization efforts.

3rd Dimension Issue #112 November 30, 2018

Representing a 3D world in a 2D space creates numerous technological and physiological challenges.  The 3rd Dimension covers both the long history of 3D technologies as well as the rapidly evolving realm of 3D display, capture, rendering, and manipulation.  Application interests increasingly include virtual reality, cinema, computing, gaming, TV, photography, navigation, medicine, and numerous specialty markets.

High Resolution

Issue #109

December 7, 2018

Far more than only a discussion about resolution, the High Resolution newsletter investigates all manner of high-performance displays. The topic leads naturally to articles about advanced technologies related to photography, microscopy, astronomy, and visualization techniques. Included are discussions about the human visual system -- including an occasional section about optical illusions.

Touch Panel Issue #108 December 10, 2018

The combination of our visual and touch senses has sparked enormous interest in recent years.  The Touch Panel covers the very intriguing market related to touch technologies and touch-inspired markets. The newsletter also covers topics related to gesture and motion sensing, biometric recognition, and remote interactivity.

Omnibus Veritas Issue #47 December 3, 2018

Compendium of the news covered in all of the newsletters from the past month. Information: Omnibus Veritas 

Lyceum Veritas Issue #11 December 3, 2018

Compendium of the conference write-ups covered in all of the newsletters from the past month.  Lyceum Veritas

Twenty Interviews Issue #7 December 23, 2014

Compilation of the interviews from our most recent newsletters. Information: Twenty Interviews 

Forty Favorites Issue #13 December 11, 2017

Anthology of favorite articles from 40 of our newsletters. Information: Forty Favorites

MultiView Issue #58 November 23, 2018

Compilation of articles from various VeV newsletters by individual authors.  MultiView

"LCD TV Matters" Issue #16 November 11, 2013

Historical: Veritas et Visus publishes "LCD TV Matters", a quarterly publication from the LCD TV Association.  Follow the link for access to these newsletters.

FlexTech Trends Issue #13 October 4, 2012

Historical: "FlexTech Trends" is a quarterly publication from the FlexTech Alliance.  Follow the link for access to these newsletters.

PPE Newsletter Issue #5 January 31, 2009

Historical: Veritas et Visus published the UKDL newsletter which focused on display and lighting activities in the UK.  Follow the link for access to these publications.

Sample articles and publications can be viewed here.

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High Resolution

Touch Panel

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