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Display Industry Events

We hope to maintain a very comprehensive calendar of events of interest to those in the displays industry.  If can have any additions or corrections, please let us know at mark@veritasetvisus.com.

 January 2020

January 6 Digital Hollywood CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 7-9 Viscom Dusseldorf, Germany

January 7-10 2020 International CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 14 Printed & Flexible Electronics China Shanghai, China
January 14-15 China International Quantum Dots Summit Shanghai, China
January 14-15 China International OLEDs Summit Shanghai, China
January 14-15 Emerging Technologies Conference Shanghai, China

January 15-17 NEPCON World Japan Tokyo, Japan

January 16-21 International Conference on Imaging Theory and Applications Nashville, Tennessee
January 26-30 Electronic Imaging 2020 Burlingame, California

January 26-30 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Burlingame, California

January 29-31 JFlex 2020 Tokyo, Japan

 February 2020

February 1-6 APEX Expo San Diego, California

 February1-6 Photonics West 2020 San Francisco, California

 February2-4 AR/VR/MR San Francisco, California

February 4-6 ICE Totally Gaming London, England

February 4-6 Intersolar North America San Diego, California

February 5-7 Semicon Korea Seoul, Korea

February 9-12 Tangible, Embedded, and embodied Interaction Sydney, Australia

February 11-13 Strategies in Light San Diego, California
February 11-14 Integrated Systems Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 15-20 Medical Imaging Houston, Texas

February 17-20 Hollywood Post Alliance 2020 Tech Retreat Rancho Mirage, California
February 21 Display & Visual Information Technologies Los Angeles, California
February 21-23 Sound & Vision 2020 Bristol, England
February 24-27 FLEX San Jose, California

February 25-26 Emerging Technologies That Matter Singapore

February 26-27 Electronic Displays Conference 2020 Nuremberg, Germany

February 26-28 3D & Virtual Reality Expo Tokyo, Japan
February 26-28 PV Expo 2020 Tokyo, Japan

 March 2020

March 9-11

DVB World

Valencia, Spain
March 10-11 Wearable Technology Show London, England
March 10-12 Image Sensors Europe London, England
March 11-13

Smart Materials

Barcelona, Spain
March 11-13 Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum Portland, Oregon
March 16-17 Virtual Reality Developers Conference San Francisco, California
March 16-20

Game Developers Conference

San Francisco, California
March 17-20 Intelligent User Interfaces Cagliari, Italy

March 18-20 FPD China Shanghai, China

March 22-26 Advances in Computer-Human Interactions Barcelona, Spain
 March 22-26 IEEE VR Atlanta, Georgia
March 24-27 2020 Measurement Science Conference Anaheim, California

March 24-27 European Sign Expo Madrid, Spain

March 25-26 LOPE-C  -- Large Area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention Munich, Germany

March 26-28 Infocomm China Beijing, China

March 28-31 IEEE World Haptic Conference Washington, DC
March 29 - April 1 International Conference on Display Technology Wuhan, China
March 30 - April 2 Cinemacon Las Vegas, Nevada
March 30 - April 2 MIPTV Cannes, France

March 31 - April 3 Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas, Nevada

 April 2020

April 2-4 International Sign Expo Orlando, Florida
April 14-16 Infocomm Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 18-22 NAB 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada

April 21-22 Image Sensors Automotive Stuttgart, Germany
May 10-12 2020 China VR&AR Fair and Summit Guangzhou, China
May 13-14 Printed Electronics Europe Berlin, Germany

April 14-18 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Anaheim, California

April 22-26 LAVAL Virtual Laval, France
April 25-30 CHI 2020 Honolulu, Hawaii
April 28-30 Sign UK/Digital Signage Showcase Birmingham, England

 May 2020

May 5-7 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games San Francisco, California
 May 5-8 International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Digital Media Stuttgart, Germany
May 12-14 AutoSens USA Detroit, Michigan

May 13-14 Broadcast Video Expo London, England
May 13-14 Medical Wearables San Jose, California

May 18-21 Archiving 2020 Washington, D.C.
May 18-21 Embedded Vision Summit Santa Clara, California

May 18-22 AIMCAL R2R Europe Conference Valencia, Spain
May 21-22 Graphics Interface 2020 Toronto, Ontario

May 25-29 Eurographics Norrköping, Sweden
May 27-29 Infocomm Southeast Asia Bangkok, Thailand

May 27-29 Augmented Human Conference Winnipeg, Manitoba

 June 2020

June 2-6 Computex 2020 Taipei, Taiwan
June 3-5 World Congress of Advanced Materials Singapore

June 5-8 Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference Toronto, Ontario
June 7-12 SID International Symposium San Francisco, California

June 8-10 SID Display Week Business Track San Francisco, California
June 8-12 Collaborative Conference on Materials Research 2020 Seoul, Korea

June 9-11 E3 Media and Business Summit Los Angeles, California

June 9-11 Sensors Expo & Conference San Jose, California

June 10-11 AR & VR World London, England

June 10-12 CES Asia Shanghai, China

June 13-19 InfoComm '20 Las Vegas, Nevada

June 17-19 Interactive Media Experiences Barcelona, Spain

June 18-25 International Planetarium Society 2020 Edmonton, Alberta
June 21-24 Interaction Design and Children London, England
June 22-25 CineEurope Barcelona, Spain
June 22-26 Digital Holography and Three Dimensional Imaging Vancouver, British Columbia

June 22-26 3D Image Acquisition and Display Vancouver, British Columbia

June 23-26 Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems Sophia Antipolis, France
June 24-26 LED & OLED Expo 2020 Seoul, Korea

June 24-26 SIIM 2020 Austin, Texas

June  26-28 C-Touch & Display Shanghai Shanghai, China
June 28-July 1 International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems Manchester, England

June 29 - July 1 Nanotech Conference & Expo National Harbor, Maryland

 July 2020

July 6-9 International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics Thessaloniki, Greece
July 19-23 SIGGRAPH 2020 Washington, DC
July 19-24 HCI International Copenhagen, Denmark

July 20-21 International Conference on Organic Electronics Paris, France

 August 2020

August 11-13 Australasian Gaming Expo Sydney, Australia

August 19-21  Infocomm Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

August 19-21 Integrate Sydney, Australia

August 23-27 SPIE Optics+Photonics San Diego, California

August 26-28 Touch Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan